To enable student uploads from within the LTI interface, the Institutional Administrator (IA) has to turn on this feature from the institutional profile menu item. (See the article 
View and Manage the Institutional Profile for details) Once the feature has been enabled, instructors will see a new "Course Settings" button that allows them to enable student uploads.





  • Once the "Allow students to upload videos to this courseis checked, the students enrolled in the course will be able to upload videos to the course. The student can upload videos using the same instructions provided for instructors. All the videos uploaded by the student will be deposited directly to the default LTI collection selected by the institution at the time of setup. 


  • When the student uploads a video to the course, the creator of the video will be the instructor who enabled the option to allow student uploads. However, the information about the student is logged and displayed. The uploaded video is hidden from all the students in the course, unless the professor decides to show the video. Content can be filtered using the Media filter options provided on the browser interface.