illumira users who can upload content can now have their accounts provisioned with a storage quota allocation. This will allow administrators to control the storage usage by a user for any uploaded video, audio, PDF or image file. This feature can activated and controlled by Institutional Administrators. This feature can be activated by Institutional Administrators from the Institutional Settings option in the Admin Dashboard. 

When a user crosses assigned storage quota

When a user exceeds assigned storage limitations, they will be displayed with the error message and asking them to reach out to their administrator. The user also has the option to delete some of their uploaded content to free up space if required. 

Assigning storage quota across all institutional users

This feature can be enabled and set from within the institutional settings by the administrator. For more on this see View and Manage the Institutional Settings (for Institutional Administrators) This setting will enable user storage quotas across all users who have permissions to upload content. The administrator can specify any value above 2 GB. All values are in Gigabytes (GB)

  • Note: Enabling this setting and allocating storage might disable uploads for users who may have already crossed the storage quota threshold. Hence administrators are requested to consider this aspect before enabling storage quotas. 

Modifying individual storage quota for a user

Administrators can also modify any assigned storage quota for individual users from user profile. For more information on the steps for this see the knowledge base on  Managing existing users (changing user permissions on collections)