illumira integrates with video-capture devices such as Crestron, Extron, Camtasia Relay etc. which have the capability to export output video content to a remote FTP location. To initiate a request email us at and a member of our team will reach back to you. Once the integration is completed Institutional Administrators can manage the settings for this integration from Admin Dashboard on illumira. 

Accessing and modifying the integration settings

The setting can be accessed from the 'Institutional settings' option under the Admin Dashboard. 


Click on the option to view the Institutional Settings options.

The user will be displayed all available options under the sub-menu: Navigate to the Modules option where the integration will be listed. 

Note: An institution can have more than one integrations listed and available. 

The following are the options that are available for modification:

  •  Admin's username or net-id: This is the username of the user in illumira who will receive the integrations post import emails and can confirm ingest of videos. The administrator can also make changes to the settings in this integrations module.
  • Device Label: Administrators can provide a name for the integration. This is useful when the institution has more than one integration and administrators might want each integration to be named separately,  The name will be reflected in the Institution settings upon submission. 
  • Enable automatic import: Select "Yes" to have videos to be imported from the FTP location where the files are dropped. 
  • Frequency  (requires Automatic Import must be enabled): Select how often the videos should be automatically imported. Options are once a day (nightly) or once every 15 minutes
  • Import video only after email approval from the admin (requires Automatic Import must be enabled): Enabling this option will enable the following workflow for importing users' videos. An email is generated for every video and sent to the administrators email address. The email will contain a link which has to be clicked either by the admin for the video to be imported 
  • Send email notification to admin after import:  After every import of a video, an email is sent to the Admin's email address.
  • Send email notification to video creator on successful import:  After successfully importing a video, an email is sent to the creator's email address as listed in illumira.
  • Default Collection for Import: This is the default collection where all the videos for a user will be deposited to. illumira support staff creates a default collection for the institution during the initial setup of this integration. 
  • Default object share permission: The permission on all uploaded content is set by default to private, which means only the owner of the video can see the video. Using this option the administrator can change this setting. For more information on share, settings see knowledge base article: Controlling view access to media - changing share permissions

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