Using illumira tool to embed an existing image playlist


Users can embed an existing image playlist as a resource into course content using the illumira LTI integration for Moodle. Faculty/Administrators can use the import/pick media option to select and embed image playlists which are available for them and add them into the course. 

To embed an existing playlist using the illumira integration login into the Moodle course and select the 'Turn Editing On' link on the top right-hand side corner 

Navigate to the 'Add a Resource' drop-down for the desired week and select the Media Player resource from the drop-down list. 



1. Enter a suitable title and description for your image in the 'Activity Name' and 'Activity Description' fields.

    Note: Please note that the  'Activity Name' and 'Activity Description' fields are mandatory. All other fields are optional.

2. Click on 'Save and Display' once you have finished entering the above two fields.


To embed a playlist select the Pick Media option

Click on the My Playlists option to open the interface and view your created playlists/lists. 



Add any of the available playlists to embed it into the course by clicking on the Select link.


 The playlist will be then added/embedded into the course page. Click on Launch playlist to view it on the course page.

Accessing image playlist on course: All the uploaded images into a playlist will open in a new window with features to zoom in/out and image resize option after the user selects the Launch Playlist.