This option is only available for content creators and IA. If a user requests for a media to be downloaded, he should contact the IA of an institution to obtain the downloaded media.

To download any media file, users need to log into illumira using their credentials. Once logged in, users can follow the steps below to download a media file.

Select Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 

The user will land on Dashboard page displaying all the available user options. Select Media in the left navigation.

The user will be directed to the Media Manage Object page. Then, the user can search the title he wishes to download using search box  - 

Select the desired title. The user will get directed to the respective title's Edit Object page

Choose the desired bitrate and click on download.

In-case the title does not have all the bitrates present, then the user can create a presentation media by selecting Add.

After clicking 'Creating presentation media using master video', a pop up displaying all the bitrates will appear.

Select the desired the bitrate and click Submit. A new presentation media will be in the process of creation - 

Once, the datastream has been uploaded completely, select download of the particular bitrate to download the file.