This option is only available for content creators.

Select Quizzes from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 

The user will land on My Quizzes page displaying all the quizzes created by him. Click on New Quiz button present at top right of window. 

The user will be directed to Create Quiz page. There will be two options for choosing a media file. 

  1. Select Media - Lets you pick a media from the media depository
  2. Enter Media URL or param - The user needs to enter the URL of a respective media.

            Example - URL:

                             Param: pid=njcore:xxxxx

Once the user chooses the media option and selects a particular media, he will land on Manage Quiz page. This page displays the media object on the left and Quiz settings window at the right. 

The user needs to enter Quiz title and a Welcome message. The user can also allow downloading of the quiz questions by checking 'Allow download quiz questions'. Once all the fields have been filled, select Next.

Note: The quiz title cannot be left blank.

The user will be then directed to the next page of Quiz Settings displaying further options as below -

  1. Skip Question - By allowing this option, the quiz taker can skip questions during a quiz
  2. Scored Quiz - By allowing this option, quiz answers will be scored, saved and results will be displayed at the end of media/quiz playback
  3. Unscored Quiz - By allowing this option, quiz answers will not be scored or saved and user will be able to see correct answer upon question attempt

When the user selects Scored Quiz, he will be prompted to new options as following - 

  1. Edit Answers - The quiz taker will be able to review and update their answers
  2. Show Score - The quiz taker will be shown the score at the end
  3. Show Answers - This option will be prompted only after Show score option is checked. The user will be able to navigate to the question and see the correct answer and rationale

Once the user clicks on Apply, it lands on final page displaying below options

  1. Add Question
  2. Add Reflective Pause

Once the user selects Add Question, he will land on a new screen displaying following options - 

Note: The user can add a question only after the time is at 00:01 or more.

  • Quiz Question 
  • Answers - Multiple text fields with first one being the right answer field and others will be wrong ones
  • Randomize choices - By allowing this option, the answers will be randomized for different quiz takers
  • Add Hint - When the user click on Add hint, a new screen will be prompted that displays a text field allowing the user to write a hint for the particular question. Once the Hint has been written, click Save.

Once the user has entered all the desired fields, select Save. A summary screen will appear displaying questions along with their time intervals.


After adding all the questions, select I'm done. The user will be prompted a pop up displaying Quiz link and sharing options. 

After choosing the access option, click Save.