When a repository export is requested by an institution, inform the supervisor about the notification. 

Link for requesting the export:



  • Export can only be done when an institution leaves or unsubscribes from the service

  • Export is only for institution owned videos.

  • Our policy is that only the IA can make the request. If a user makes the request, please take this request to the IA. If IA is unavailable, take this to the reseller manager (if there’s one) or illumira manager to make the decision to allow export or not.

  • There should be a gap of at-least 60 days between two download requests by you.

  • The spreadsheet will contain a link to the master and if the master is not available, it will link to the highest quality data stream. 

IMPORTANT:   The following information is _not_ exported

  • Playlists, annotations, favorites for end users

  • Group information. i.e a list of all groups and who is in it.

  • Copyright data

  • Data about Shared ownership of content

  • Audio highest DS (Audio MASTER only is available)

Workflow for Users

  • A user makes a request by the IA sending a request to support@illumira.net. 

  • A spreadsheet containing titles and downloadable links of videos and metadata associated with each video resource is emailed to the user within 5 business days of making the request.

  • The downloadable links will cease to work after 90 calendar days after the user receives the links.