About Clips/Annotations

A 'clip' or annotation is a smaller segment of a full length media (video/audio) resource having its own user provided title and description. They allow users to reference a section of a complete media resource. Clips are useful when instructors might want to share smaller segments of full length media resources easily with students and other users. Additionally clips can also be accessed and added to an LMS course page using the illumira LMS tools.

Difference between My Clips v/s Published Clips

My Clips creation option is available to any user that has access to view the media file. While all clips under My Clips are available by default to the user who created them, they can only be made available to other users by sharing their URL. 

Published Clips can created by content owners and administrators. They are available to any user having access to the media file and need not be shared explicitly. They are available to edits from under the Admin Dashboard interface. 

Creating Clips

Users need to log in to illumira using their credentials to create and access their created clips. Once logged in navigate and playback the illumira media resource for which a clip needs to be created. The user will see an option title Create Clip below the media player. 

To set the duration for the clip:

  • Select the start time of the clip by dragging the media scrubber to the desired point and click on 'Set Current' under the Start heading

  • Select the end  time of the clip by dragging the media scrubber to the desired end point and click on 'Set Current' under the End heading

  • Users can also manually provide a time in the hh:mm:ss format and then seek to that time if required. 

  • The user can also advance the timeline on scrubber by using the specific Seek link. Available options are +/- 5 and 10 seconds.

  • Show Preview - click on this button' to see how the clip will look like with the entered start and end times. 
  • Reset - this button will reset all values
  • Provide a suitable title and description for the clip.

When ready click on the Create link. The clip will be created and displayed for the user. Users can see and edit all created clips under the My Clips link.