About the search functionality

The illumira search box can be used to search any reference metadata for video, audio and image files or indexed text within any uploaded PDF file. The site will query the repository for the search query across all resources in the repository. Users can also filter their search to narrow down to the exact item they are looking for.

Search listings on www.illumira.net v/s institutional illumira branded sites: 

An illumira user can use the service via the illumira portal (www.illumira.net) or via the institutions branded illumira site (e.g: montclair.illumira.net, stevens.illumira.net etc) 

When a user performs a search on the illumira portal the results encompass all listed resources on illumira  including content that may have been uploaded by other member institutions and not necessarily be available for access to the users. However when a user performs the same search on their home institutions branded illumira site the displayed search results are only content that has been uploaded to the institutions collections or any publicly available content. 

Search locations: 

The search box is available on every page on the website at the top right-hand side of the page.  



In-Collection search

Users can also search for content within collections to display a collection specific result to the search.