Users can add a maximum of 20 titles through this method from their local desktop.

Admin Dashboard from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID. 



The user will then be directed to  Dashboard page displaying all the available user options. To batch upload content click on the appropriate bulk upload link available to the user. 

Alternatively the user can also select the Bulk Import option from under the +Add Media drop-down in the Media dashboard menu. 


The user will be directed to the bulk upload interface, the default option presented to the user is the uploading files from the computer. The steps to select and upload multiple files are:

  • Users can select the Add Files link or drag and drop files into the selection box (drag n'drop functionality only available on browsers that support HTML5)
  • Once all the files are selected select the Start Upload option to begin uploading the media files. 
  • Users can cancel individual files or stop uploads completely at any time during the process. However users are requested to keep the browser window open till all the uploads are completed. 

Click on the 'Preview media selection' option once all the files have completed uploading. 

Click on the Next Step option to proceed or Go Back to upload additional files or make modifications. The titles for the uploaded media would be the file-names of the individual media.

The  interface will allow the user specify publishing and sharing options for all the uploaded media. For additional details on the available options please view the relevant support articles on Media publishing options in depth and Using the Share options dialog box.


In addition users can also specify if they and any other institutional members wish to be notified by email once the media resource is encoded and ready. 

Click on Submit to complete the process. The titles will be created and the files may be queued up for encoding.