While it is possible to share videos with specific users, it may be cumbersome to type in the list of usernames (or userids) manually. It is possible to create a Group of users and then share videos with specific group. 

There are two types of Groups

  • My Groups: These are groups that are personal to each users - you can specify any name for your group. Your 'Math' group is not the same as another user's Math group. Your personal group names are not visible to other users at your institution.
  • Institutional Groups: These are groups that are setup the Institutional administrator. These names are visible and used by anyone at your institution who has media upload permissions. If you want to create a group that is global to the institution, please contact your administrator.


To create a group, First click on the groups item from the admin menu. You will be directed to the Groups page.

On this screen you can view all of your personal and institutional groups from the two tabs. 

Click on the "Create Group" button on the Groups page.

Enter a suitable name for the group. You will next need to assign 'users' or 'roles' to this group.

User Based Group: You can input institutional NetID's of users from your institution.

For example the net ID's of students of a study group, a project, or even a class/course.

Role Based Group: A role is a group based on your institutional affiliation. For example staff, student, faculty are different roles a user can have within an institution. Please contact your administrator to make sure that role based groups have been enabled for your Institution.

Click on 'Submit' when the group is ready to be created.


These are available to users with Manage Institutional Groups permission:

Users with Institutional Groups permissions will see an additional tab in the 'Create Group' page, which allows them to create Institutional Groups.

These users will see a check box  "Institutional Group" which when checked will make the current group available throughout the institution