• Operating System(s): Windows, Linux, Mac OS.
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer Version 9 or later, Firefox Version 2 or later, Google Chrome Version 21 (or newer), Safari and other modern browsers
  • Adobe Flash: Version 10.2 (or newer).- Streaming to desktops uses Flash.
  • Javascript: must be enabled in your browser.  

Supported Mobile Devices


We currently use HLS streaming for delivering videos to mobile devices that do not support flash

iOS Devices

    • iPhone 3G (or newer).
    • iPad 1st Generation (or newer).

    • Version 4 (or newer) - No Full-screen video support.  (this is as of Nov.2012, watch this page for updates!)
    • Version 2.x to 3.x with Flash plug-in installed.

    •  Devices with Flash plug-in and Javascript installed.