Users can now be added using the bulk import users feature on the illumira interface. The Bulk Import Users users feature allows you to add multiple users by importing them from a CSV file. The process steps for adding of the users is given below.

Users can be added to illumira by Institutional Administrators, Institutional Collection Managers, or users with Manage Users permissions within a collection. 


Once logged in, users can follow the steps below to add users to the system. Select 'Admin Dashboard' from the drop-down menu under the displayed user ID.




The User will then be directed to the 'Dashboard' page displaying all the available user options. To bulk add users click on 'Import Users with CSV' option available on the Dashboard.s

Select the file from local device and upload the CSV file containing the user information in the format specified above. 




3. Once the CSV file is uploaded, the screen will display the user information contained on the CSV file. If all entries match specifications and are not repeated values, user can Submit and proceed to the next step.

In some cases the uploaded file might have some syntax errors. The user will be required to correct the errors and upload the file again after the update.  Such errors would be displayed under the Status column on the page. 



The next step would let the user set the collection and usage permissions for the newly added users. Please note that any permission/setting applied would be applicable to all the users on the list uploaded. However administrators can always make changes to the individual users permissions from the Manage Users page. 

For more information on the specific permissions settings please refer to Adding Users to Learning on Demand section.

Creating Personal Collections for all uploaded users: Institutional Administrators can now create personal collections for each created user's content during the bulk user creation process. These personal collections can be utilized to organize content better and upon creation gives its owner the ability to manage all aspects of that collection by default.

Permissions that a user has with regards to their personal collection:

  • Upload, share and publish content including public share permissions.
  • Manage the listing options of all published content
  • Managing all objects uploaded in the personal collection.

To create a personal collection during the process of adding all the users, the institutional administrator can check the "create personal collection box for the user" Upon submission of the form a personal collection will be created for all the users added in the batch process. The collection name will follow the format:

All personal collections are created under a default collection termed 'User Collections' created automatically with the first user personal collection.





5. Click on the Submit Button to confirm all settings and permissions and add the users to the specified collection. A message confirming all users have been added successfully is displayed after the users have been added.. 


The users will now appear under the respective manage users list from where their permissions can be modified if needed.

Note:  Institutions subscribed to the the Commercial Video Service only will be seeing the View Commercial Licenses settings. 

Format of the CSV file. 

It is important that the CSV file uploaded follow the requirements below.

Please note that if the format of the CSV file differs from the specifications below, errors may be encountered.

The following user information are the only fields that are permitted and required:

  • Username/UserID/NetID/EPPN/Shibboleth ID/Institutional ID: This column would contain the full  institutional username of the user being added. For e.g,,, etc
  • Firstname: This Column will contain the first name of the users to be added. 
  • Middlename:  This Column will contain the middle name, or middle name initials of the users to be added. 
  • Lastname: This Column will contain the last name of the users to be added. 
  • Email: This column will contain the email contact information of the user. It may or may not be same as the value in the username column. For e.g,,
  • Role: This column contains the role of the user. i.e Student, Faculty or Staff. 

Note: -Its is important that all fields in the Username column, contain the institutional entries from the same institution as the users are being uploaded to.

-Appropriate error messages will be displayed if the entries contain a different institution name. 

-Currently the maximum number of users that can be uploaded at a single time using a CSV file is 999 users

-It is important that the CSV file compulsorily contain all the above mentioned columns.

-If an entry does not have a value for any of the above specified parameters, you can leave it blank. 

-Also note that the values in the file you upload needs to be the same as provided here. 

Provided below are a few sample images of the CSV file and its layout.

The sample file below shows how the column heading's should be formatted. Please follow the format specified below as any deviations might result in errors being displayed after the file is uploaded.