Downloading and installing the illumira Media player tool


  • Download the illumira Media tool from
  • After unzipping the file, copy the "basiclti" folder to the "mod" folder of your Moodle 2.x installation,
  • Click on Notifications in the Site Administration area on the main Moodle page.
  • You should get a series of messages indicating that the installation of the module went smoothly


Set up the illumira Media Player for Moodle 

NOTE: Before you begin setting up and installing the tool please have your 'Resource Key' and 'Remote Tool Password' in hand. You will need them for setting up the illumira Media tool.
You can obtain your 'Resource key' and 'Remote Tool Password' by contacting us at

Creating a Resource: Using the illumira Media tool for Moodle to set up the illumira Media Player (Administrator) 


If you are logged in as an administrator, click on 'Site administration' on the button left hand side pane. and then select Plugins and click on 'Activities' from the drop down list. 


The 'illumira Media' tool that was installed can be seen under the 'Activities' drop-down list. If you cannot see the illumira Media option then please try installing the tool again.

Click on the 'illumira Media' tool and follow the next step

Click on the illumira Media Player Administration to edit its properties. 

 Click on the 'Create a new illumira Media activity' button.


You should see the illumira Media Tool Setup page similar to the image above. here you can customize the BLTI player

  1. Type in a desired Remote Tool Name (i.e illumira Media Player)
  2. Point the Remote Tool URL to
  3. Enter the resource key and password provided by illumira. You can obtain your resource key and Remote Tool Password by contacting
  4. Please select 'Always' for the send name and surname to the external tool option
  5. Please select 'Always' for the send email address to the external tool option.


 Select the 'Resource' option from the Moodle Module Type drop down, and click on Save changes.

The tool is now ready for use.