Setting up Techsmith Relay to use with illumira

Requirement: Usernames in Relay must be from the same source of identity as what is used in illumiraJVID. For example, an user must use to login to Relay must match what his username is used to login to illumira.
  1. In Relay, create a profile called "illumira". 
  2. To create an FTP publish destination:

    • Click Publish Destinations. 
    • Click FTP Server on the left to create a new destination. 
    • Enter the host information which will be provided to you by illumira staff.
    • Click Save. 
    • The publish destination is saved and you are presented with a link to the Publish Account Setup for this destination. The account details which be provided to you by illumira staff.
    • Click the link to continue with Publish Account Setup. 
  3. Enable XML output for this profile. Importing of videos will not work without the XML file.
  4. Encoding to be selected for the profile is one of FLASH encoding options whose output is mp4 video.
  5. If you only want specific users in your institutions to push videos to illumira then just enable the profile for those users, otherwise you can enable this profile for all users. 

Configuring your illumira account to use Relay

Note: This feature is only available to illumira institutional administrators and designated relay administrators in illumira. 

Once you receive confirmation from illumira Support, click on Relay Server from under the dashboard menu setting and select the "Configuration Settings" sub-menu.

The following setting permissions are available:
  1. Relay Admin's username or net-id: This is the username of the user in illumira who will receive Relay post import emails and can confirm ingest of videos. Please note that emails sent by the system will go to this user's email address as specified in their user screen in illumira. If an email address is not present, emails cannot be sent, so please make sure one exists.
  2. Enable automatic import - Select "Yes" to have videos to be imported from the Relay server. The default frequency of import is every night. This can be changed in the next setting.
    1. Frequency  (requires Automatic Import must be enabled) - Select how often you want the videos to be automatically imported. Options are once a day (nightly) or once every 15 minutes
    2. Import video only after email approval from Relay admin (requires Automatic Import must be enabled) - Enabling this option will enable the following workflow for importing users' videos. An email is generated for every video and sent to the admin's [see field #1] email address. The email will contain a link which has to be clicked either by the admin for the video to be imported 
  3. Send email notification to admin after import - After every import of a video, an email is sent to the Admin's [see field #1] email address (provided it exists in the illumira system). 
  4. Send email notification to video creator on successful import - After successfully importing a video, an email is sent to the creator's email address as listed in illumira. If the user does not have a email address specified in illumira, then the email address information as provided by the Relay file is used.
  5. Default Collection for Import - This is the default collection where all the videos for a user will be deposited to. illumira creates a default collection for the institution during the initial setup. 

Note: The permission on all uploaded content is set by default to private, which means only the owner of the video can see the video. The content owner will require to explicitly share it with other users to give them access to the media files.