A Note on Requirements: We have generally observed that the Tricaster requires a static IP address for streaming. Please check your Tricaster manual for further details.  

parameters provided by illumira :

illumira will provide you with the following parameters to be entered into your tricaster

1. Server URL
2. Authentication credentials (includes username and password)
3. Stream ID
4. URL to watch the stream 

Does TriCaster support multi-bitrate streaming profiles? 

The answer quoted below is an excerpt from the Tricaster user manual, [Page 309, Section A.7.3]
" Yes it does, but there are a few things you should consider. Multi-bitrate encoding places higher demands on system resources than usual. It is entirely possible to create a custom multibitrate profile that is impractical, either because its bandwidth expectations are unrealistic, or because the encoding requires so many cpu cycles that it can intrude into other important live functionality. For this reason, we encourage you to use the profiles supplied with your system whenever possible, and if you do opt to use a custom profile – especially a multi-bitrate one – do perform meaningful testing in advance, to ensure everything goes as planned."

Link to the manual: http://newtek.com/images/stories/marketing/UserGuides/tricaster-850-user-guide.pdf

Entering parameters into the Tricaster

Entering the Server URL
Under Server--> Location–>  Please enter the Server URL as exactly provided to you by illumira Staff 

Entering the authentication credentials and Stream ID

1. Under Server ---> Stream ID : Please enter the valid stream ID provided by illumira

 2. Under Server ---> Username & Password : Please enter the username and password provided by illumira. Please note password is case sensitive. (Ref Image below) 

Setting the Resolution
Please remember to select only the presets which have a "Flash" option before them as observed from the image above. You can set the bitrate and video resolution as per your choice from the available options.

Creating a New connection in the tricaster

The tricaster admin may want to save the above settings as a separate illumira connection that can be saved and used for future purposes. (Ref Image below)

Note about the "Home" option

Please leave the field under the 'Home' option blank.

Starting the stream

After saving the settings you have entered above, please click on the "Stream" button to begin streaming. You should be able to view the stream on the link provided to you by illumira.