There are three kind of Software encoders that are used in illumira.
2.Flash Media live encoder
3.Quick Time Broadcaster

1. Wirecast 

To Configure Wirecast, First

From the menu bar, choose "Broadcast", then "Broadcast Settings".
From the Encoder Presets menu choose one of the Flash Encoder Presets
Here are the low and high bitrates you can specify for your event.
H.264 256 kbps video + 64kbps AAC audio (myStream_low.sdp)  H.264 750 kbps video + 96kbps AAC audio  (myStream_high.sdp)
For Destination, choose RTMP Flash Server.
Address: type the address as provided by illumira.
Stream name:
myStream_low.sdp for the H.264 256 kbps video + 64kbps AAC audio AND
myStream_high.sdp for the H.264 750 kbps video + 96kbps AAC audio
Click on Set Credentails and type the username/password provided by illumira.
Save the settings and click on the Broadcast icon to start streaming.

2.Flash Media live encoder :
First Download FMLE from

To Configure FMLE

In FMS URL: type the address as exactly provided by illumira.

Stream: myStream.sdp

Click connect.

If we provide you with a username and password it will prompt you to type your username and password provided by illumira

The following are the Presets:

This will be configured during the testing phase with illumira and it will be configured according to available bandwidth, Multi bit-rate requirements and/or mobile streaming requirements.

3.Quick Time Broadcaster :

Start QuickTime Broadcaster

Select the Audio tab and set the Compressor drop down to MPEG-4 Audio
Select the Video tab and set the Compressor drop down to H.264
Select the Network tab and make the following changes:
a. Change the Transmission drop-down to Automatic Uni cast (Announce)
b. Change Host Name to the address provided by illumira
c. Change File to the file name provided by illumira
d. Enter the Username and Password provided by illumira
To broadcast, click the Broadcast button