Video ownership 

If the user does not exist in the illumira system i.e, they do not have permissions to upload then the user who has the illumira Relay administrator role for the institution will be specified as the owner and the creator is added as an additional owner. 

Please note that though the creator can see the video, they cannot edit metadata or other settings unless the administrator or group-administrator enables them to upload/edit the video in a particular collection.

Video view permissions 

The videos imported through Relay is made private and only the owners (creators) of the videos can see the videos. Videos can be shared with others if required by the content owner.  

Changing default collection for importing video for a specific user

All Relay videos are imported into the default collection as specified in the configuration settings. There may be a case where for a particular user, their videos must be imported into a different collection.

The Institutional administrator or illumira Relay administrator can change the collection that a user's video is pushed to by going to Manage User screen and changing the properties for that user. 

Email notifications to Users 

Email notifications are sent to users after their videos were successful imported into the system.

Prevent videos from being imported in auto-ingest mode

You can prevent videos from being added to illumira by selecting a video in the Import videos screen and changing its status to "Defer". To put the video back for ingest, select the video again and select "Mark for ingest"